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The Mission Search and Rescue Team is a registered not for profit organization dedicated to assisting in the recovery of lost or injured persons within the District of Mission, and the area to the north and east of Mission known as the electoral area of the Fraser Valley Regional District. We volunteer for this task willingly and happily - we're proud of our city and want to keep it, and the surrounding areas safe for residents and visitors alike.

We operate in all types of weather and conditions and assist other Search & Rescue organizations in the Fraser Valley of southwestern B.C. We provide assistance to the RCMP, Coroner and BC Ambulance services with: motor vehicle accidents, searching for missing persons, locating missing aircraft, assisting at disaster scenes such as: fires, floods and landslides and helping agencies who provide emergency support for disaster victims.

Our team members have training in the following

  • Rope Rescue
  • Outdoor Survival
  • Maps & Compass
  • Search Techniques
  • Search Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Radio Communication
  • Tracking
  • Basic & Advanced First Aid
  • Transportation Endorsement
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Swift Water Rescue
Currently, we practice every other Thursday and Sunday. Thursday practice runs from 1900-2100 hours, and Sunday from 0830-1300 hours. If you are fit, know the local mountains, and are ready to commit time with this team, we want to hear from you. Please check out the contact section of our website.