Not Recruiting at this time
Check back summer 2020

The ideal candidate will possess all or most of the following criteria:

  • High level of physical fitness (i.e. able to carry a backpack that weighs 20-50 pounds in uneven terrain over long distances, able to lift weights that exceed 50 pounds)
  • Good knowledge of local trails and Forest Service Roads (Norrish Creek, Lost Creek, Stave Lake area)
  • Experience hiking, climbing, camping
  • Basic First Aid or CPR
  • Owns some of the following outdoor equipment in good repair (i.e. backpack, hiking boots, technical fabric clothing, GPS, compass)
  • Employed or self-sufficient, with employer approval (they should understand the commitment and be all right with you potentially being late/missing work due to a task)
  • Able to commit 3 years minimum to the team
  • Lives within 30 minutes of our base in Mission
  • Owns a reliable car with a class 5 license
  • Owns a cellphone (required)

Are you still interested in volunteering? Take this short quiz to find out how well suited you are to being a member of Mission Search & Rescue. Your score will help you determine if you have what it takes. And it’s fun too!


  1. Can you take care of yourself in the wild?
  2. Are you afraid of the dark?
  3. Do you have any first aid training?
  4. Do you have your own personal outdoor equipment – backpack, hiking boots, tent, camp song..?
  5. Can you make a minimum 3 year commitment to the team?
  6. Are your employer and family fully supportive of your decision to join the team?  (We’re on call 24/7 on a rotating schedule – can you be flexible?)
  7. Are you physically fit?
    1. Have you done the Dewdney Grind or Grouse Grind in under 30 minutes?
    2. How about under 60 minutes?
    3. You’re not sure what the Dewdney or Grouse Grinds are.
  8. Are you afraid of heights, water or fun?
  9. Are you over 19 and have a valid driver’s license?
  10. Are you willing to have an RCMP Criminal Background check?
  • If you answered Yes to 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 – score one point for each
  • If you answered No to 2 and 8 – score one point for each
  • If you answered A or B to #7 – score one point (if you answered C – please subtract 5)


If you scored from 0 to 3… you might want to rethink this
If you scored from 4 to 7… so close, maybe wait a bit and work on a couple of things
If you scored an 8 or 9… you are a great candidate!
If you scored 10… why haven’t you applied yet?