August 23, 2017

At approximately 8:00 pm Tuesday night, Mission Search & Rescue was contacted by the RCMP to search for a downed paraglider in the dense mountain area behind Cascade Falls.  The experienced paraglider jumped from Mt. St. Benedict and ran into trouble shortly after, landing in a tree in the mountainous area behind the Falls.  It took over 4 hours of almost vertical hiking for the rope team to reach the young man, making the Grouse Grind look like a walk in the park.  An arborist from the Ridge Meadows SAR team accompanied MSAR to scale the tree and assisted in setting up a rope system to lower the uninjured pilot down. 

Due to the treacherous terrain, the team was unable to hike back down the mountain, and the decision was made to use a helicopter in the morning to get the team and uninjured subject out of the area.  The team members and subject were long-lined out by a helicopter, after a chilly night, high on the mountain.  The pilot was very fortunate considering he was in the tree for six hours and was able to go home in the morning.  Thanks to Chilliwack SAR’s HETS team for the lift out, which includes two Mission SAR members.

Just a reminder that if you are outdoors at this time of year, it is getting cooler at night.  Be prepared with proper clothing, food and water in case you are forced to spend the night.

You too can be part of something amazing like this rescue.  Mission Search & Rescue is currently recruiting new volunteers.  The deadline for applications is August 31, 2017.  Check out our volunteer page or send an email to requesting details.  

Thanks also to CFVSAR for standing by and to Talon Helicopters for the ride out in the morning.


Command Centre on scene

Helicopter Extraction in the morning

Long line (HETS) off of the mountain (photo courtesy of Ridge Meadows SAR)