MSAR Assists BCAS with rescue of ATV rider

MSAR Assists BCAS with rescue of ATV rider

Mission, B.C. – May 31, 2015

Mission Search and Rescue assisted BC Ambulance Service with the transport of an injured ATV rider Sunday afternoon off of Norrish Creek Forest Service Road. The rider suffered injuries after rolling his ATV on a washed out deactivated side road. The MSAR team had to carry the stretcher from the accident scene, over some difficult terrain in order to get to its off-road ‘Gator’.

From there, the ‘Gator’ was used to move the subject to an awaiting helicopter, which took the injured rider to a nearby hospital for treatment of various injuries, including possible broken bones.

Special thanks to Chillwack SAR for having their HETS team on standby.  We were fortunate the helicopter was able to land on the road.


Stretcher May 2015 v1               Helicopter May 2015 v1

MSAR to Host Drive-A-Ford Event – June 13, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015 marks the fourth year that Mission Search & Rescue has participated in the Drive One 4UR Community fundraiser.  For every Ford that is test driven, MSAR will receive a $20 donation from Ford, up to a total of $6,000.  Please come support our efforts to raise funds to purchase a cellular repeater, that will improve our communications when we are out in the field.

You can pre-register for the event by clicking on this link. The more people who pre-register, the more likely we will hit our target of $6,000.   Also, check our our Drive-A-Ford Facebook page.

This event will also kick off our 2015 recruiting drive.  If you are interested in joining the team or getting more information, please stop by and talk to one of our team members.

We will be at the Mission Junction mall in the Canadian Tire parking lot from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.



MSAR Rescues Stranded Boaters on Stave Lake

Mission Search & Rescue were called out at 9:30 pm Sunday night, May 17 to locate 4 stranded boaters on Stave Lake.   Deploying both the jet boat and inflatable, the pontoon boat was soon found about 15 km from the boat launch.  Having run out of fuel, the boaters did the right thing and contacted 911.  The boat’s owner was thankful and very appreciative that the team arrived within 2 hours of his initial call.   They were safely returned to the boat launch just after midnight.

Mission SAR Graduates 8 New Members

Mission Search and Rescue recently hosted a Graduation for eight new members. The event was attended by proud family and friends. The Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) course which is administered by the Justice Institute of BC is 6 months in duration and involves creating competencies in skills such as search techniques, first aid, and navigation. This is the first level for any Mission SAR member and consists of both written and practical examinations.

MSAR congratulates these eight members on their dedication and commitment to the team and to the District of Mission. All members are 100% volunteer and on call 24/7.

Recognition was given to existing members who completed certifications in Rope Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, and Tracking.  We also added three new Ground Search Team Leaders, one GSAR Instructor, and one SAR Manager.

Also in attendance to congratulate our new members was Inspector Ted De Jager of the Mission RCMP Detachment.

Recruiting for our next class will start in late July.

Grads final

Mission SAR Hugs a Tree

On Tuesday, March 24th, Mission Search & Rescue presented the Hug a Tree and Survive program to the 4th Mission Beaver Scout group.  Hug-a-Tree and Survive is an AdventureSmart program that helps lost children survive in the woods. This presentation is aimed at children in Grades K-5.  It teaches children how not to become lost in the woods, and what to do if they should become lost.

The presentation was fun, informative and interactive.  The group of Beavers was lively and very engaged.

Mission SAR is pleased to offer this program to other groups and is also able to provide the following programs for other age groups.

Survive Outside

This presentation is aimed at people aged 12-99.  It focuses on trip planning, training and taking the essentials, including how to alert the SAR system and survivability pending rescue.

Snow Safety Education

This presentation is aimed at children in grades 4-6, teaching ski hill safety and signage, and backcountry information including “Out of Bounds” hazards.

If your group is interested in any of these programs, please contact us at
Ben and kids

MSAR Rescues Stranded 4x4ing Trio!

Mission, B.C. – March 25, 2015

Mission Search & Rescue was called out at 6:45 am Wednesday morning to rescue 3 men who were out 4x4ing just east of Stave Lake.  It appeared the men were unfamiliar with the area and became stuck the evening before.   Unfortunately they had to spend an uncomfortable night in the vehicle before they were able to get help.

A reminder to our 4×4 enthusiasts: please ensure your vehicle is capable of handling the off-road conditions in the area you plan to go into!


Mission Search & Rescue Locates Missing Male

Mission, B.C. – December 13, 2014

Mission Search & Rescue was called out by the RCMP at 4:00 am Saturday morning to search for a despondent male. The subject was located on a remote forest service road and handed over to BC Ambulance Services for transport to hospital.


MSAR called out to rescue stranded fisherman on Stave River

Mission, B.C. – November 27, 2014

Mission Search & Rescue was called out at 3:40 pm Thursday afternoon to rescue a fisherman who was stranded on a sandbar on the Stave River. The fisherman had crossed the bar earlier in the day and didn’t realize there was a high streamflow advisory in effect.  Later in the day, the levels of both the Stave and Fraser Rivers had increased and made it dangerous for him to get back to shore.  He then called 911 and the RCMP contacted MSAR.

After assessing the situation on scene, Mission Search & Rescue dispatched its Swiftwater Rescue team on a tethered line to bring the subject back to shore safely.

A reminder to our local fisherman to check the BC River Forecast Centre for advisories before heading out.  The website is:

MSAR assists RCMP in locating lost hikers on Dewdney Mountain

Mission, B.C. – October 19, 2014

Mission Search & Rescue was called out at 6:35 pm Sunday night to locate two hikers who had become lost on the top of Dewdney Mountain. The hikers had been to the popular Dewdney Grind cabin and then continued on the trail up to the Dewdney Peak Lookout. They got turned around and realized they had travelled in the wrong direction. As it was getting late in the day, they made a good decision to return on the forest service roads rather than risk getting caught in darkness on the steep trail route. Unfortunately, there are a lot of roads in that area with spur roads leading to dead-end log loading areas and they ended up on one of these roads instead of one that would return to the Norrish Creek FSR. They were lucky to have cell service and able to call for help. Once MSAR identified the hikers’ location through the use of GPS, a rescue truck was able to pick them up. The pair was in good condition and just glad to be getting back home after a long day of walking.

A reminder to hikers that it does get dark much earlier this time of year and the weather can change quickly. Please ensure you have adequate equipment with you including a map and directions to your destination, GPS, headlamp and proper clothing.


Mission Search & Rescue Participates in SAREX

On September 27 and 28th, Mission Search & Rescue participated in the first annual SAREx South West.  A “SAREx” is what the Search and Rescue world calls an event that combines field training, presentations and classroom sessions where several SAR groups are invited.

For SARxSW, the 14 SAR groups in south western BC (BCSARA Sea-to-Sky and Fraser Valley regions) were invited, as well as representatives from Royal Canadian Marine SAR, CASARA, and the Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club.

Organized by Coquitlam Search and Rescue, Saturday the 27th saw indoor sessions at the David Lam Campus of Douglas College. Presentations included Forensics for Search and Rescue volunteers, Interviewing for SAR Managers and team leaders, and a case study on a hypothermia rescue carried out by Squamish SAR that saw international attention. The south west regional SAR management meeting was held by Emergency Management BC.

Sunday consisted of several field exercises including:
• An advanced rope rescue workshop by Coquitlam SAR member and Ronin Rescue owner Kevin Ristau
• A cross training event for GSAR members with Royal Canadian Marine SAR station 2 on Indian Arm
• An air SAR drill with GSAR members and the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association
• A large multi-agency exercise combining marine and ground SAR on Pitt Lake

One team member participated in the advanced rope rescue workshop at Burke Mountain in Coquitlam.  The focus on the training was advanced specialized techniques such as rigging a high redirect using the Terradaptor tripod and gin pole/ monopod,  lowers and raises using MPD’s with Twin Tension Load Lines and alternate methods of rigging a stretcher for high angle rescue that allows the stretcher to be raised in either the horizontal or vertical position.  A panorama pick of was demonstrated.

Three other team members participated in the exercise on Pitt Lake.  Our 8-wheeled Argo was used to transport volunteers and equipment and our inflatable was also in use during the event.

This type of event helps teams understand the capabilities of their neighboring teams, which is essential when requesting or deploying mutual aid.  It also provided teams the opportunity to learn about new tools, resources and techniques and create a more level playing field.


Tripod      high Angle Rigging