Mission SAR Advises Caution on Local Waterways

Mission SAR Advises Caution on Local Waterways

2017 started out as a slow year for Mission Search & Rescue.  Not sure if it was the weather or the public is becoming better prepared, but we didn’t get our first call out until the Spring.  Most of our calls this year have been to assist other teams, which is another important way the Mission team provides support to other local communities. 

With the warmer weather however, the snow melt increased substantially and there has now been an increase in calls, mostly related to the Fraser River and the local lakes.   As the water levels rise, so does the danger on our lakes and rivers.  The waters are much faster moving and there is more risk to boaters. 

Mission Search & Rescue would like to take the opportunity to advise the public to check local weather conditions and river/lake water levels before heading out on a boat.  Ensure you have all the necessary safety items on board, including life jackets, flares and warm clothes or blankets.  Also, let someone know where you will be and have a cell phone and radio communications on board.

Mission SAR recently responded to a stranded boat on Stave Lake.  A family of four, including two young children were stranded on the lake after dark.  The team was able to locate them and bring them back to the boat launch safely.

Mission SAR Rescues Stranded 4x4ers

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mission Search & Rescue was called to Norrish Creek Forest Service Road to assist two stranded 4×4 enthusiasts.  They were well off the main road that others were using and were very stuck.  It took almost 3 hours to reach the subjects and get them out of the area.  They were also lucky that our 8 wheeled Argo was able to extract the vehicle as well.

Just a reminder to all back road and back country enthusiasts – Be Prepared!  These young men were not dressed or prepared for the conditions.  Ensure you keep extra clothing, blankets and food in your vehicle if you are heading to the back country.  And tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back.  Again, these young men were fortunate to have cell coverage, because it is normally very spotty in that area.


ncfsr-dec-2016   dec-10-2016

MSAR Helps Support Mission Firefighter’s Movember Campaign

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mission Search & Rescue participated in the 2nd Annual Mission Firefighters’ Movember Dodgeball Event this year.  It was a great time, with lots of great costumes and real competitive spirit.  We’re already planning to attend next year’s event and working on our strategies.  Thanks to the Mission Search & Destroy team for giving it their all.  Can’t wait for next year!

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Mission SAR Warns Fishermen

Mission, B.C. – October 23, 2016

Mission Search and Rescue would like to issue a warning to all local fisherman to be careful fishing from sandbars in local rivers and estuaries. There were calls to rescue stranded fishermen the last two Friday’s in a row (Oct 14 & 21) due to rising waters.

On Friday, October 14th, MSAR was called to the Stave River to rescue a fisherman who had waded downstream to a sandbar. Friday’s heavy rain and wind caused the waters to rise rapidly and when the fisherman attempted to return to shore, he was unable to. Fortunately, he called 911 and the Mission RCMP dispatched Mission SAR to perform the rescue.

On Friday, October 21st, MSAR was called out to the Norrish Creek estuary to rescue a fisherman and his two children who had crossed to a sandbar earlier in the day not realizing the waters could rise. The dad did the right thing by staying put and calling 911. The Mission RCMP deployed MSAR again to perform a rescue, this time of the dad and his children. Everyone was okay, just a little cold.

Before you go fishing, check whether there is a high stream advisory. Ensure you are properly equipped and someone knows where you are. And don’t hesitate to call 911 if you run into trouble.


Mission SAR Called to Assist BCAS

Mission, B.C. – August 31, 2016

Mission Search and Rescue was called out by BC Ambulance yesterday to assist in the rescue of a woman who was found approximately 150 feet down an embankment off Butler Place.

BCAS was initially informed that she had fallen about 45 feet but when they attended realized this wasn’t the case. The MSAR Rope Rescue team was put into action, lowering a stretcher down the ravine. The woman was packaged and transported to an awaiting ambulance. The extent of her injuries is unknown at this time.

Rope rescue 2

Mission Search & Rescue is NOW Recruiting!!!

Mission Search & Rescue is looking for some new recruits.   We’ve changed things up a bit this year.  Instead of holding an information session like we have in past years, we are going to send applications out to those who are interested in becoming part of our team and then interview selected individuals.  Those candidates that pass the interview stage will then be invited to complete a fitness test.

Our basic level ground search and rescue course (GSAR) will start in November, 2016 and will take place every Tuesday evening (19:00-21:00) for approximately 5 to 6 months.  Members in Training will also be required to attend regular team practices while taking this course.  Anyone interested can send us an email at or complete the questionnaire on the Volunteer page.

Recruiting will close on August 31, 2016.

Mission SAR Graduates 7 New Members

Mission, B.C. – March 24, 2016

Mission Search and Rescue recently hosted a Graduation for seven new members. The event was attended by proud family and friends. The Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) course which is administered by the Justice Institute of BC is 6 months in duration and involves creating competencies in skills such as search techniques, first aid, and navigation. This is the first level for any Mission SAR member and consists of both written and practical examinations.

MSAR congratulates these seven members on their dedication and commitment to the team and to the District of Mission. All members are 100% volunteer and on call 24/7.

Recognition was also handed out to members who completed certifications in Rope Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Ground Search Team Leader, and Adventure Smart Instructors.

Also in attendance to congratulate our new members was Inspector Ted De Jager of the Mission RCMP Detachment and Abbotsford-Mission MLA Simon Gibson.

Recruiting for our next class will start in late July.

Grad Class 2016

Two Mission SAR Members Are Now Certified Helicopter Rescue Technicians

March 14, 2016

Two of Mission Search & Rescue’s members have now become certified helicopter rescue technicians courtesy of Chilliwack Search & Rescue.  After four intense training days, two of our members are now part of the Chilliwack HETS team.  We are very proud of both of them and having the added capability on our own team.  Congratulations to the other six SAR members who certified as part of the HETS team.  Great job everyone!



Mission Search & Rescue Receives $100,000!

B.C. Government Caucus
News Release
January 25, 2016

MISSION – Mission Search and Rescue Society is getting a boost thanks to a $100,000 grant from the B.C. Government.

“Thanks to this gaming grant we will be able to move out of the ‘90s and purchase an efficient and modern command vehicle. We will replace a 1995 converted bread truck that we have been using for the last ten years,” Mission Search and Rescue president John Lemond said. “This vehicle is the hub of our search and rescue operations in the field and will be fitted with the latest technology specific for search and rescue operations.”

“Search and rescue societies are important organizations in our community,” Abbotsford-Mission MLA Simon Gibson said. “Volunteers take time out of their busy lives to trek through the wilderness at all hours of the day to find those in need. I’m proud that we support their operations.”

This grant was awarded under the public safety category, which supports public safety initiatives along with disaster relief and emergency preparedness, such as restorative justice projects and search and rescue programs.

Every year, the Government of British Columbia approves $135 million in gaming grants that benefit more than 5,000 local organizations that serve communities throughout British Columbia.

To find out more about community gaming grants funded by the Government of British Columbia, visit:

jan 17 MSAR      Mission Search & Rescue JAn 23 2016

The MSAR Team – January 2016                                              Practicing at the 7th Ave Sports Court