MSAR Assists at MVA on Norrish Creek FSR

MSAR Assists at MVA on Norrish Creek FSR

Mission Search & Rescue was called out to assist the North Fraser Fire Department when a vehicle went off the road on Norrish Creek Forest Service Rd Thursday evening. Team members brought the male driver up approximately 30 metres from the wreckage on a stretcher and delivered him to an awaiting ambulance. The stretcher was carried out of the steep, rocky ravine using a caterpillar technique and a rope belay.

MSAR has been called to this part of the road (5km marker) on numerous occasions in the last few years for vehicle and ATV accidents.  The sharp corner and steep embankment make this section of road very dangerous.

The condition of the driver is not known at this time.

A film crew for the local TV production of Highway Thru Hell was also on scene following Mission Towing on its calls. Look for this incident to be featured on one of its shows next season.


Truck over embankment