Mission SAR Advises Caution on Local Waterways

Mission SAR Advises Caution on Local Waterways

2017 started out as a slow year for Mission Search & Rescue.  Not sure if it was the weather or the public is becoming better prepared, but we didn’t get our first call out until the Spring.  Most of our calls this year have been to assist other teams, which is another important way the Mission team provides support to other local communities. 

With the warmer weather however, the snow melt increased substantially and there has now been an increase in calls, mostly related to the Fraser River and the local lakes.   As the water levels rise, so does the danger on our lakes and rivers.  The waters are much faster moving and there is more risk to boaters. 

Mission Search & Rescue would like to take the opportunity to advise the public to check local weather conditions and river/lake water levels before heading out on a boat.  Ensure you have all the necessary safety items on board, including life jackets, flares and warm clothes or blankets.  Also, let someone know where you will be and have a cell phone and radio communications on board.

Mission SAR recently responded to a stranded boat on Stave Lake.  A family of four, including two young children were stranded on the lake after dark.  The team was able to locate them and bring them back to the boat launch safely.