About Us

About Us

Mission Search & Rescue (MSAR) is a registered non-profit organization in the province of British Columbia.  Its primary function is that of a community resource to assist the RCMP, the BC Ambulance Service and the BC Coroners Service in a variety of search and rescue functions.  All members are 100 per cent volunteer and are on call 24/7.

We currently have over 20 members, and growing larger in numbers every year.  We are a strong team of volunteer professionals.  All funds for new equipment and training is acquired by fundraising projects, plus the support of local service groups, government funding programs, and by the generous support of members of the general public.

As more people enjoy the areas around Mission, the number of calls we manage has increased.   Our motto of Dedicated and Ready! ensures we are prepared for anything.  We practice four times per month year round to keep our skills sharp.  Members are trained in rope rescue, swiftwater rescue, first aid, search techniques and much more.  Some training is in-house and some is through the Justice Institute of BC which keeps all BC Search & Rescue members certified to the same high level.

There are 80 Ground SAR Groups in BC representing approximately 2500 unpaid professionals on call at all times. Each group is responsible for a certain region of the province; they assess the kind of terrain they need to respond to, and the weather and mountain conditions they need to operate in. Over time, groups develop a needs assessment  based on the kinds of searches or rescues they are asked to perform, and they use this information to decide what kind of training, equipment and rescue capabilities they need to develop. As technology and subject profiles change, the various groups reassess their needs regularly.

However, all SAR teams in BC operate under the policies, procedures and guidelines set out by Emergency Management BC. These include safety plans, standards for training and rescue equipment, and rules under which a SAR group may be activated, and “stood down.”

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